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Children’s House of Ormond Beach is an enriching and diverse preschool through fifth grade academy. Our mission is to cultivate a child’s natural desire to learn through a hybrid-montessori curriculum in which students are academically challenged, in a personalized and nurturing way. 

Our toddler program is designed to guide the child toward independence, social awareness and respect. We focus on the development of motor skills and language in a positive and enriching atmosphere.  

30 months - 4 years

Our primary program includes a pre-k classroom and a kindergarten classroom. We provide materials and activities for all academic levels, regardless of "grade". Children are enriched through leadership opportunities and

positive role models 

through their peers. 

3 - 6 years

We provide a holistic elementary education for children in which we apply both Montessori and traditional approaches. This ensures that all of our students are supported,

enriched, and

prepared academically,

and socially.  

6 - 11 years


Montessori children are extremely adaptable.  They have learned to work independently and in groups.  Since they have been encouraged to make decisions from an early age, these children are problem solvers who can make appropriate choices and manage their time well.  Encouraged to exchange ideas and discuss their work freely with others, such students' good communication skills ease the way in new settings.  Research has shown that a good predictor of future success is a positive sense of self-esteem.  Montessori programs, based on self-directed, non-competitive activities, help children develop strong self-images and the confidence to face challenges and change with optimism.

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