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5 - 11 years

Our Elementary program is designed to be both student driven and academically rigorous. We have developed a unique hybrid curriculum in which our students are able to progress at their own pace with the guidance of trained teachers. We differentiate our learning units to fit all types of learners, and provide them with the framework for success. Our students are well-rounded, respectful, and knowledgable about the world around them. In our classroom we: 

  • Foster independence and self-confidence within each student.

  • Assist students in developing responsibility as well as the concept of time and time management in order to achieve his/her goals

  • To provide a stimulating environment for each child to reach her or his full potential as a human being in their own creative way

  • Focus on guiding social/emotional, academic, and practical life skills for all developmental phases

Our classroom websites are designed to foster clear communication between teachers, students, and parents. You'll find details about upcoming events, curriculum highlights, important dates, and ways to support your child's learning at home. The classroom websites can be accessed here:

Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary


Morning Class: 

Lunch Time: 


Class Resumes: 

Afternoon Pick-Up: 






Please arrive on time to ensure your child is prepared for class

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